Christine An’s South Graduation Speech



SpeechAn_071515A“Are you all ready are you ready get set?”

“Are you ready get set are you ready?”

Who still remembers this? And who can believe that we heard these words four years ago?

These unforgettable parting words from Dr. Welsh accompanied us as we made the transition from middle school to high school and they could not be more relevant at this very moment as we make an even bigger leap from high school into college and begin our journeys not only into our professional careers, but also into adulthood.

I distinctly remember one of the most popular questions we were asking high schoolers was the amount of freedom we would be receiving, and it’s funny looking back at it now because I think in college we might start wishing for a little less independence. I mean, suddenly, fresh laundry doesn’t magically appear anymore. There’s no one making sure you got to school because you spent the night (and early morning) finishing a Ko outline or a Graham guide and overslept.

But, I’m not intimidated. In fact, I believe it is not us who aren’t prepared for college, but college who isn’t prepared for us. These past four years, each and every one of us have filled our days with forming invaluable relationships with our peers and mentors, learning about the world around us, exploring our passions, and finding new ones. Great Neck South High School has been incredibly successful in fostering within us an insatiable curiosity and a driving ambition to discover, boldly pushing limits and exploring the unknown. We are future history makers, paving new paths in our respective fields and making, as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow put it, “footprints in the sands of time.”

Are we ready?

Yes, we are.

Let’s go!

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