Chinese-American WWII Vets Recognized


By Betty Leong

The Chinese Center on Long Island (CCLI) hosted an event for the Chinese-American WWII Veterans Recognition Project with the support of the Ethnic Coalition Faiths Partners at Clinton G. Martin Park on June 13.

Chinese-American servicemen in the Armed Forces during World War II were recognized, honored and celebrated during the event, which was well attended by veterans, their spouses, children, other family members and friends.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth presented citations to Major Sam H. Huey, posthumously, as well as to Ong Wu and Sheung Chung.

Bosworth also presented a proclamation to Vietnam veteran Peter Gong for his outstanding contributions as a member of the Military Honor Guard Group on Long Island.

Attendees were educated about the Mississippi Delta Chinese through a screening of Samantha Cheng’s video Honor & Duty, which depicted WWII Chinese-American veterans and their parents who lived in the Mississippi Delta in the early 1900s. Though they were discriminated against, they were able to find ways to coexist with the white and black residents in the area.

During WWII, 192 Chinese Americans served our country. Attendees felt great pride as they learned about the contributions of these Chinese Americans and others, who chose to defend their adopted country.

Betty Leong is copresident of the Chinese Center on Long Island.

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