Changing The World One Girl At A Time

Creating an empowering craft

“What if you could change the world one girl at a time…while earning an income?”

This is the question GiRLiFE Empowerment founder Melody Pourmoradi poses to those who view her global digital course at She launched the program in September 2016, and it has since grown to support 20 facilitators across North America.

“This all began in my local Great Neck groups that I have been running for the last three years, where girls are provided with an open forum to learn, grow and evolve together,” said Pourmoradi.


The GiRLiFE Empowerment message is clear: it’s focused on impacting and empowering young girls by providing them with positive role models and influential learning opportunities. The program aids powerful woman in creating workshops for young girls. These workshops include ways for girls to form close friendships, to understand the power in their voice, to act with confidence and health in mind and to create helpful mind and body tools, preparing them for all possible situations.

GiRLiFE Empowerment focuses on dealing with the problems girls face everyday as they grow up. It acknowledges that not all neighbor-hoods are equipped to provide such an accepting environment. That’s why the digital course teaches adults to properly educate girls about body shaming, inequality and discrimination. It lays out a blueprint of seven two-hour workshop classes for facilitators to host for girls 7 to 12 years old.

Pourmoradi first started this organization when she noticed a pattern of fear in both her clients and herself during her time as a wellness coach. These fears were surrounded around the lack of self-acceptance and confidence that she noticed many women and girls had. But, she said that this fear is not innate.

“I believe it’s something that we pick up on in our girlhood when we stop tuning into our own inner voice of knowing and start tuning outside of ourselves to the influence of society, media and others dictating how a girl should act, how a girl should feel and who a girl should be,” said Pourmoradi.

That’s where GiRLiFE comes in. Pourmoradi’s goal in the program is to let girls know that they can take risks and break gender barriers with someone supporting and encouraging them to take on their fear.

The program acts as a digital course where women can discuss happiness, health, choices and more with girls. Pourmoradi created the lessons and materials using her own experiences as both a woman and life and wellness coach. Nutrition plans, illustrations, crafts and resource lists are included when applicable. She hired a business coach and an assistant to help prepare the courses.

In order to share her program and its goals with the world, Pourmoradi said she relies on social media. The GiRLiFE Facebook, Instagram and website are updated so that her followers and potential clients are able to stay updated and informed.

“It’s amazing how when you put something out there with passion and love, the message finds a way of naturally spreading to the people who are most aligned with it,” Pourmoradi said.

As GiRLiFE grows globally, Pourmoradi attributes much of her program’s success to support from her family and friends. She points to her twin daughters, Noa and Ella, to being her main motivators in creating this course.

“Watching each of them in their own girlhood and witnessing the uniqueness that each brings to the world further supports my belief that each of us has a unique gift to share with this world, if only we feel confident and supported enough to do so,” she said.

Overall, Pourmoradi’s favorite part of starting GiRLiFE is the course’s success.

“The biggest joy of watching GiRLiFE move across the world, is hearing from my facilitators about how it is impacting our young girls,” she said. “The confidence it is bringing to the girl who was always afraid to use her voice. The peace it is giving to the girl who struggles with anxiety. The strength it is building in the girl who now sees her differences as a unique gift to be valued and nurtured.”

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