Chabad Of LS Launches Cyber Seniors Program


“This is incredible!” “Now I can see my grandkids.” “Shopping will be so much easier for me now.” “Please don’t leave, can you teach more?” These were just some of the comments the senior citizens made during Lake Success Chabad’s new Cyber Seniors program.

During the event, local teenagers were paired with residents at the Atria Senior Home. The seniors were extremely appreciative of the technology the teens taught them, such as how to write an email, search old emails, make a Facebook profile, FaceTime their grandchildren, take a selfie and even shop on Amazon.

The experience was also a great opportunity for the teens. It required patience, teaching skills and being a cheerleader for each accomplishment and task mastered.

The start to Lake Success Chabad’s Cyber Seniors program was incredible, and the teens and seniors are eager to continue the program next month.

For more about the program or the many volunteer opportunities, contact Rabbi Dovid or Chumy Ezagui at or

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