Ceramics at The Gold Coast


artsWEBThe cultural arts are blossoming and in full bloom at the Gold Coast Arts Center (formerly the Great Neck Arts Center). With classes, performances and exhibits focusing on all facets of the arts world, sometimes it is difficult to choose the right venue; so much is offered. But if you enjoy making things with your own two hands; if you love to create and show your special creations, then just possibly ceramics is your field. If you just love really working with your hands, check the class lists at the Gold Coast Arts Center and just maybe your eyes will light when you find clay and ceramics classes. There are ceramics classes for every member of the family.

Staring with the youngest members of the burgeoning art world, there is a new class, working with clay, for children ages four, five and six. This is an early childhood ceramics class that allows the preschool set the opportunity to discover the magical qualities of clay.

For children ages six through 15, the Spirit of Clay class is perfect. For this ceramics class, youngsters are encouraged to wear comfy old clothes and join the class and have fun while thwy discover the world of clay.

New adult ceramics classes are also available at the Gold Coast Arts Center. Create pieces by hand-building, throwing, or a combination of both techniques. The adult students will be taught a variety of methods to build, decorate and glaze their ceramic projects.

An exciting and innovate class Dinner, Ceramics and the Spirit of Clay, is a ceramics class for ages 9 and up, all the way up to parents and grandparents. These arts students bring their own favorite tunes and the Arts Center will provide a delicious pizza dinner. Students will explore the creative craft of ceramics through hand-building, discover the potter’s wheel and learn different glazing techniques.

The Family Ceramics Workshop is a very special ceramics experience for all ages. Let the entire family in on the messy fun. Parents, grandparents, kids of all ages come together to create unique art projects or glaze collectibles and ceramics bisqueware.

So join the fun. The Gold Coast Arts Center is located at 113 Middle Neck Rd., right in the midst of the busy, bustling area in downtown Great Neck Plaza, with the entrance in the back through the municipal parking lot.

For information, phone 516-829-2570.

About The Gold Coast Arts Center

The Gold Coast Arts Center is an independent nonprofit organization serving the community for more than 20 years, dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts through education, exhibition, performance and outreach. Since the Arts Center’s founding in 1995, more than 100,000 people of all ages and backgrounds have taken advantage of its many, many classes, amazing live performances, exciting programs, numerous workshops, wonderful films and truly great art exhibits. Every day, the GCAC provides students, teachers, parents, senior citizens and community members with opportunities to learn about, discuss, view, enjoy, share and make art.

The Gold Coast Arts Center is proud to be an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Partners in Education program and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The Gold Coast Arts Center is also active partners with several universities and school districts throughout Long Island and Queens.

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