Celebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday

To honor Israel’s 70th anniversary, a block party will be held in Times Square on Sunday, June 3.

The jealousy is palpable. The hate-mongering despots can’t resist the temptation to throw mud and obscure the breathtaking resurrection of a tiny nation that literally rose from ashes to the height of success.

Six-million Jews were slaughtered in the most brutal and callous manner humanity has ever witnessed. Seven decades later, the ayatollahs occupying the land of Cyrus, the great, conjecture the mendacity that the Holocaust either didn’t happen, or if it did it doesn’t matter.

The ayatollahs now conjure a new version of anti-Semitism. They perpetuate a wishful thinking among their allies and proxies, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, that elimination of Israel is in fact the “Final Solution.”

The medieval culture promoted by the clerics in Iran dictates that it doesn’t matter what transpires, Jews (Zionists) are certainly the culprit. This sadistic mentality was the platform used by Nazis to execute their cleansing ideology.

The compelling grandeur of the 21st century prods us to believe that the primitive doctrine of hate will be soon dumped and buried away. A quick examination of the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere provides a sobering reminder that the world is wild and wicked as ever before.

Hitler and his European counterparts succeeded in executing the Holocaust atrocity because Jews lived in diaspora.

Despite the horror of the Holocaust, the Jewish nation contemplated a stunning comeback that has perplexed the world community. Love of life and ingenuity have always been the trademarks of the Jewish nation. The rebirth of Israel 70 years ago afforded a small nation in a tiny piece of land the precious opportunity to blossom and prosper in an unprecedented fashion.

Join the celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday on Sunday, June 3, in the streets of Manhattan, in Times Square, from 8 to 10 p.m.

Farshid Drew Bakhshi has a broad and varied background in journalism in print, radio and television media. He has been the executive producer of radio talk shows at WNWK 105.9 FM and WEVD 1050 AM and completed his MA in Broadcast Journalism from New York University. Having lived in the USA, Iran and Israel, he is fluent in English, Farsi and Hebrew.

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