Capturing Love Through Art

Oren Loloi’s passion led him to start Papercuts by Oren.

From a young age, Oren Loloi knew that art would always be a significant part of his future. Since it was not only his favorite subject as a child, but also a part of his identity, it is no surprise that throughout his life art was constantly at the center.

After graduating from Great Neck North High in 1995, Loloi went on to college and then graduate school, believing that finding a stable career in art would be difficult.

Following his higher education and spending time focusing on various forms of art, Loloi eventually found an art business that not only allowed him to do what he loves, but also provided some stability.

Oren Loloi creates unique handmade ketubahs in various designs, shapes and colors.

Loloi now creates handmade papercut ketubahs, the Jewish marriage contract, for couples to use at their wedding.

The ketubah is one of the three basic requirements necessary for a Jewish wedding to occur and, after the ceremony, newlyweds often hang the ketubah in their home to serve as a symbol of the marriage and their commitment to each other.

To Loloi, it was necessary for the ketubah at his own wedding to be able to honor the marriage between he and his wife and represent more than just a contract. He believed that it should be a tribute to the wedding.

The artist took it upon himself to create his own ketubah by hand and, when others saw it, they realized they wanted the same special ketubah that Loloi was able to offer.

As he continued making ketubahs for others and this new passion began requiring more of his time, his career transformed from creating large landscapes into designing ornate ketubahs for others to cherish.

While traditional ketubahs can be as simple as a piece of paper that winds up in a drawer after a wedding, Papercuts by Oren offers a unique document that will be admired for years following a wedding.

Loloi offers handmade ketubahs with thought and meaning in various designs, shapes and colors. For those seeking a more elaborate or personal design, the artist also creates custom pieces.

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