Call On Rebecca Sassouni


If any person reading this is lucky enough to know Rebecca Sassouni, it is undoubtedly clear that she would be among our top picks to “call a friend” on a game show, if in need at 2 a.m. and if we want to strengthen our little part of the world. Rebecca is, and has been for the past 20-plus years, involved in almost all aspects of what makes a community safer, more vibrant and a place we want to call home.

As a longstanding officer of SHAI, Rebecca has fortified bridges among different segments of our community through serving common goals. In her decade-long service to Temple Israel, she has connected the synagogue more closely to other institutions in Great Neck and created relationships around the world that simply do good. It is clear to see why Hadassah, a national community-focused group, has awarded Rebecca the Woman of Honor award—twice. And, of course, her connections to the school district are unparalleled.

Yet Rebecca has always seen Great Neck through a wider lens. She is selfless with her time and her devotion to the pillars of our community. A few years ago, as Great Neck North High School students would walk to get lunch, there were many dangerous close accidents near the intersection of Middle Neck Road and Brokaw Lane. Many people spoke of the dangers and the imminent tragedies that would certainly occur; Rebecca translated that concern into action. She was pivotal in opening up the discussion for a traffic light at that corner, and working effectively as a team, saw that to fruition. Today, adults and countless children, many much younger than high-school age, benefit from the safety that light offers. Rebecca Sassouni understands the foundations that need to be in place to deliver a product and, near seamlessly and with eloquence, does so.

I know which friend I’m calling on May 16.

Regina Ajodan

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