Bye, Bye Waldbaum’s


ByeWaldbaumsHow many gallons of milk and loaves of bread have we picked up at Waldbaum’s over the years? While that chapter is closed as Waldbaum’s on Great Neck Road shut its doors for good on Sunday, Nov. 22—and we had to figure out where to buy all the ingredients for our Thanksgiving feasts—the next chapter is in the works.

Though it may not seem like good timing for Waldbaum’s to close up shop around the holidays, the inactivity will actually allow new owners Best Market to assess the store, bring it up to Best’s standards, rearrange the setup and stock the shelves.

“We’re currently working with contractors for six or seven stores,” said Alejandra Soto, the representative for the private, family-owned regional chain. “We’re working on figuring out a time line for when the stores will reopen. Obviously, this was a big investment for Best Market, so we are looking to open as quickly as possible.”

Soto pointed out what anyone who’s been involved in a construction project knows: Until the work is underway, you never know what you’ll uncover or how long it will take—but that Best Market is as eager to open as we are to begin shopping there.

The Great Neck Record and will keep readers updated on the latest.

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