Bryce’s Graduation Poem


SpeechBryce_071515AOn the occasion of his graduation from South High School . . .

By Bryce Labonski, South High School

High school, what a time.

I must say it is better than any rhyme.

Every grain represents a memory,

These grains of sand have built a story.

The experiences we’ve had together,

Have created bonds that will never weather.

These four years have us prepared,

For the road that lies ahead.

As the sand hits the base,

A reality forms which we must face.

For some of us this is a day of parting.

Together, we must finally leave the ring.

Class of 2015, you have grown,

That’s a fact that must be known.

I would say that we’re all ready,

For a path that will not be steady.

After high school life gets tough.

We must play our cards and cannot bluff.

What we give is what we get,

But when we’re down, high school we’ll never forget.

As I stand here time is dwindling,

We will split during cap tossing.

Life can speak to all of us,

And its saying keep going on your own bus.

South will have a lasting impact,

Our lives are changed that is a fact.

The friendships and the memories made

Are ones that will last for many decades.

Standing here with memories keen,

I must say I love the Class of ’15.

To us high school is worth more than a dime,

But now it’s passed, like the sands
of time.

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