Boy Scout Troop 10 Completes Scouting Tasks At Alpine Reservation Camp

Above, the Boy Scouts practiced how to start a fire without matches. (Contributed photos)

Troop 10, BSA, of Great Neck had a successful overnight camping trip at a rustic Scout Camp in Alpine, New Jersey, on a beautiful sunny, late September weekend. Thirty-two scouts and six adult leaders set up camp grouped by patrol with the adults at the other end of the site. They gathered wood for the evening campfire then ate lunch. One of the older scouts set up an orienteering course with several markers to locate over a large area of the woods. The patrols were sent out individually spaced to complete the course using only a compass and verbal directions. After that activity, the patrols participated in a round robin competition emphasizing skills of first aid, fire building and lashing a tripod, among others.


Dinners were cooked on camp stoves and everyone had their fill. After the scouts cleaned up, the evening concluded with a typically large campfire, s’mores and lively conversations. In the morning, the scouts cooked breakfast, cleaned up, packed up, and left after having a reflection on the preceding day’s activities, noting especially their high level of cooperation and teamwork.

Troop 10 meets at the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department on 25 Prospect St. on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on school days. If you are interested in joining Troop 10, contact Dr. Dwight J. Rosenstein at

-Dr. Dwight Rosenstein is the scoutmaster for Troop 10

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