Billie Jean King In Great Neck


Tennis legend Billie Jean King visited Atria Cutter Mill in Great Neck where she spoke about her approach to aging and her defeat of Bobby Riggs.

While at Atria Cutter Mill she spoke about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In her role as ambassador, she works with Atria residents and staff to promote staying active at any age.

King, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, addressed a crowd of residents and local professionals. She fielded questions and shared her experiences for helping to create opportunities for all athletes. She spoke about how she started out playing tennis at free courts in Southern California. At the time the Parks system was only budgeted to open courts at one park per day, so she traveled to the courts around the county. That dedication helped shaped her career.

A question came from the audience: “What were your high points of career?” King replied: “I’m not finished yet!” Then she said “Relationships always prevail.”

When asked about the Battle of the Sexes match with Bobby Riggs, she said the highlight of beating him was more about social change and less about tennis. The Women’s Liberation movement was in full swing and yet in 1973 women still had to get man to cosign for their credit cards. This match helped inspire women across the world.

Her final thought: “Champions adjust.” As they left the community, guests were handed a signed copy of King’s book, Pressure is a Privilege.

“Billie Jean King is an inspiration to staff and residents and helps bring home the importance of being active at any age. We’re proud to call her part of the Atria family,” said Allison Miller, executive director of Atria Cutter Mill.

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