Beware Of Car Towing At Best Market 


I have been a Great Neck resident for more than 15 years. I have been shopping at the supermarket by the station on Middle Neck and Great Neck Road in various incarnations, from Food Emporium to Waldbaum’s to the now paradoxically named Best Market.

I want to let other readers and residents know about the tactics currently being used in the parking lot. Three weeks ago, I went and parked, walked my wife across the street to CafféBene as she was not feeling well, and then proceeded to do my shopping at Best Market, spending almost $200.

When I left, I could not find my car and concluded that I had been towed. I called the listed tow company who confirmed they had my car and that it would cost $285 to get it back. So I spent $25 on an Uber, got the car and asked why I was towed. I was told it was because I “left the premises.” When asked why they would have a customer towed, he replied “that’s the security company.” The tow truck receipt shows I was towed within 10 minutes of arriving.

I went to the supermarket and spoke with the manager, Joe. He said he was unaware of any security company, and agreed it was outrageous that a customer would be towed after 10 minutes. He said he would look into the matter and get back to me.

After 10 days of not hearing, I went back to see Joe, who essentially said, “it’s the landlord and nothing to do with us.” I asked how he would feel in my shoes and he shrugged his shoulders. I then wrote to the head office, and they have chosen to ignore my letter.

Even if the passing of the buck is correct and the supermarket is not directly involved, I was (note use of past tense) their customer, and I spent money there that day, and probably $10,000 per year or more (I have a ravenous teenager). A gesture of good faith, which I suggested to Joe and in my letter, would have done a lot to repair the damage done. Instead, they have shown their true colors; they don’t care one iota for their loyal customers. Caveat emptor, Great Neck!

—Pascal Besman


  1. Same thing happened to me; they told me it wasn’t their problem….now I am not their customer either. Odd type of customer relations they practice.

  2. Something doesn’t smell right with the article. Any person with common sense would know that it’s not anyone businesses fault. The issue resides with the owner of the premises. Furthermore, did said customer provide a receipt from the market to show that they had been there that day?

  3. You parked your car in the parking lot of a business, and then left that business to go across the street to a different business, so now that’s one less parking spot for the first business. Now imagine ten people do this, or 20. Now that’s 20 less parking spots for people at the first business, for whom the parking lot exists for. Towing like this is necessary.

  4. I was their customer and spent $200 there. I showed the receipt to the manager. I was parked 10 minutes before i was towed. If you are happy being towed while shopping in a business, by all means go for it. I will go elsewhere as many others will. P

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