Best Bagels Evacuated Due To High Carbon Monoxide Reading


The Public Information Office of the Nassau County Police Department reported an “unusual incident” in Great Neck Plaza on Wednesday, Jan. 9, at around 11:51 a.m.

According to police, while two Nassau County problem-oriented policing (POP) officers were inside Best Bagels at 40 Middle Neck Rd., one of the officer’s carbon monoxide detectors began to detect a reading.

The officers evacuated the shop, which had approximately five patrons and five employees.

Vigilante Fire Department was called and responded to assist in the detection and location of the source of the gas.

The fire department discovered an excessively high reading—600 parts per million (ppm) from within the store, which can be a fatal level. The source was determined to be a faulty boiler.

No injuries were reported.

The business will remain closed until further notice, while the faulty boiler is corrected.

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