Berkowitz’s Husband Is OK

Photo courtesy of The Vigilant Fire Company

Barry Berkowitz, the husband of Great Neck School Board President Barbara Berkowitz, escaped serious injury Friday evening when the lost control of the car he was driving near the Great Neck Railroad Station.

Her husband is doing well at North Shore Hospital and she expects that he’ll be released in a few days.

The following is a letter that she sent to The Record expressing her husband’s lucky escape and giving thanks to those who helped him.


Last Wednesday while at a meeting, I remarked to someone that Great Neck must have a guardian angel looking out for it’s residents lately. I was referring first to the woman who survived falling onto the LIRR tracks while exiting a train, and second to the young woman who survived having a 5,000 lb. tree land on her while asleep in her bed. (I remember hoping that things like this don’t occur in three’s!)
Two nights later, while driving in Great Neck, my husband suffered a medical incident which resulted in him driving through a fence, his car flying into the air, and landing mere inches from the third rail of the LIRR tracks, miraculously hurting no one and causing no major injury to himself, much to the amazement of police, Vigilant Fire Co., LIRR and medical workers alike. I am truly thankful for this, and would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who worked for hours to rescue and treat my husband, both at the scene and later while in the hospital where he is being treated.
Both he and I will be forever grateful for another miracle in Great Neck! 
–Barbara Berkowitz

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