Bee Hive or What?


By Merle Gutterman Holstein

Towards the end of summer and the beginning of fall, when the leaves on the trees were falling, I noticed two large bee hives in our trees.

Being concerned about saving the honey bees, with organizations such as Earthjustice and others, I decided to do some research and find out what to do with the hives.

I was informed to get in touch with Tim Corwin, Jr., who is an expert in the Long Island area. I had his phone number (631-767-2438) and explained my concern to him.

To my surprise, what I called bee hives are not bee hives. They are the homes of wasps.

Bees do not make their homes in hives. Bees live inside trees. There are many concerned organizations that are working to stop organizations from using highly toxic pesticides and the manufacturers who kill the bees.

Corwin told me if you see honey bees, NOT the wasp hives, to call him and he will come and collect the honey bees.

Now, I learned something important. I hope you did, too!


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