Bayview Avenue Library


I must preface this note with the fact that I have been living in Great Neck since 1960, and I never, never make my voice heard!

I was at the library on a Saturday afternoon when I parked in one of the spots allocated to seniors. It occurred to me as I went up the steps that there was no access for a senior who may use a walker or just finds steps difficult to navigate. If someone needs the ramp and parks in the senior spot, they must walk to Bayview Avenue and use that ramp.

I have never seen in all my years here in Great Neck such an abuse of public trust, and this is just an example of how the whole facility lacks more then it provides. We
do have a bright lovely spot with a lot of space for people to sit around and read the papers, but the old building served that purpose just as well, it seemed.

There are many factors which seem to create discussion and, for me, the ineptitude of the board says it all.

—Roslyn Korman

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