Baseball Shaped Joey Jacobs’s Future

Joey Jacobs, a 2018 North High grad, made his mark as an integral member of the baseball team.

Playing America’s favorite sport, baseball players are expected to live up to high standards of athleticism and sportsmanship. Luckily, Joey Jacobs, a Class of 2018 North High grad, lives up to these standards.

Having played baseball since childhood, Jacobs’s lifestyle revolves around the sport and the work he’s put into making himself the best player possible. Moving on to play on SUNY Cortland’s baseball team while studying business management, Jacobs left behind a stellar record of accomplishments at North High.

“Even as a sophomore, you could see the promise that Joey Jacobs had as a pitcher,” said Eamonn Flood, Great Neck North High athletic director and physical education department chair. “He is tall and lean and showed a willingness to really battle on the baseball field. As a pitcher, our team knew that they would always have a chance with Joey on the mound.”

His dedication to the sport left his team with someone to consistently count on. A team player, Jacobs was able to make his mark at North High as an integral member of the baseball team as an outstanding pitcher. His passion and talent were showcased not only by his statistics, but also by the admiration he received from his teammates and coaches.

Suffering from an injury during the basketball season, which affected his final season of high school baseball, support from his teammates, family and coaches allowed the player to make the best of his baseball career during his time at North High. Using up much of his time, energy and focus, baseball became his driving force.

Joey Jacobs commits to playing baseball for SUNY Cortland as his mom and coach look on.

“Having to work so hard for baseball really changed the way I think about things,” said Jacobs. “I was always training and when I wasn’t, I was still thinking about baseball. I never went to camp because I had to practice, and I missed out on trips and experiences with my friends because I was always practicing. In the end, it was definitely worth it. Baseball taught me that I have to work super hard to get to where I want to be.”

For the athlete, all of the sacrifices and hard work were worth it because it has allowed him to pursue his dreams. When asked about his fondest memory from high school, Jacobs recalled the day he pitched a no-hitter with 14 strikeouts at an intense game against a rival school his junior year. With this moment forever ingrained in his memory, he looked back at how being a part of the baseball team helped shape his high school career for the better.

With sports being one of his greatest strengths, Jacobs prioritized this part of his academic career to see where it would lead him. For Jacobs, the college decision process was made much easier by being a student athlete. With this skill set, he was able to find colleges that were interested in him for his specific talents on the baseball team.

Continuing his baseball career at SUNY Cortland this past year, Jacobs had the opportunity to pursue the sport at the collegiate level, and he hopes to see it through with motivation and dedication. The Great Neck community and the athletes of North High are excited to see the heights Jacobs will reach.

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