Baker’s Vocabulary Parade

(Photo by Jeff Barlowe)
(Photo by Jeff Barlowe)

Baker School recently held a Vocabulary Parade—a fun and exciting way to learn new words and build vocabulary—with students, teachers and administrators dressed as the meaning of their word. Participants gathered, from left, kneeling: Kelli (Kelly) Rubi Ochoa Lizama (garland), Amy Susnea (skein), Jennifer (Avigail) Pinsky (glamorous), Allison Del Cid (patriotic), Pericles (Perry) Sgantzos (entomologist) and teacher Jessica Kleinhaut (vague); middle row: Freddy Meytin (appetizing), Christopher Chang (camouflage), Rachel Tavazo (ostentatious), Joell Mena (incognito), Hyunjun Chang (traditional) and Kajal Ramphul (exotic); back row: Principal Sharon Fougner (monochrome), Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Kelly Newman, Assistant Principal Jeffrey Ryvicker (anchor) and teachers Ellen Siegel (liberty), Patricia Russo (luminous), Lisa Hammond (puzzled) and Michelle Bell (maternal).

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