Back On The Baseline


The Blazers are back in business.

The Great Neck North (GNN) Boys Varsity Basketball team hosted New Hyde Park to a supportive crowd of 250 fans on Tuesday, Jan. 8. Maybe it was pasta night at Gino’s, or maybe the incredible town fans decided to make a stand and motivate this team to its first conference win of the season. All-star alumni Sharif and Maz were present, as well.

The Blazers started down 13-1 in the first quarter, but quickly regrouped and were down 31-20 at the half. Coach Graham must have infused the team at halftime, for the second half was a tale of two different seasons.

“Best game of the year by far,” clamored JV all-star guard Jon (3) Javahiri.

The Blazers roared back to victory 57-56 in what was certainly the most exciting and best game of the season.

Big Mac notched a triple double, tallying 11 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocks.

WM Kamali scored from every angle imaginable and gathered 5 rebounds.

Jackson (Ice) Cronin—cause he’s as cool as the other side of the pillow—distributed 7 assists, steadying the offensive attack.

Point leaders were WM Kamali with 16, Cronin with 14, Big Mac with 11 and Mike Jacobs with 10.

On Friday, Jan. 11, the Blazers fell to Carey 64-47.

Box score for GNN are Cronin, 11; McAward, 9; Nourieli, 9; Kamali, 8; Payami, 4; Youseffi, 4; Hyman, 1; and Rosenbaum, 1.

The team will travel to first-place Elmont on Wednesday, Jan. 16, and is in the heart of the conference schedule. 

Newsworthy Great Neck youth hoops:

• Congrats to Coby Kadouri who was moved up from JV to the varsity team.

• Luke Hakimian is another player to watch, averaging 15 points per game.

• In eighth grade, the young Blazers beat top-seeded Garden City in their last contest of the season. The twin towers of Luke Cronin and Dylan Moradof overpowered their opponents inside. Manash Harooni dominated and scored on a buzzer beater off his own steal.

• In sixth grade, the Great Neck Wolfpack Elite has been dominating the winter league at the Westbury “Yes We Can” Community Center. The team is led by Daniel Reiss, Dylan Ely, MJ Asherian, Jordan and Jacob Maslavi, Jaden Hag, David Shir, Coby Ash, Itai Curry, Liam Sofi, Lucas T., Noah Ganj, Nooeey and Big Ben.

Blake Hakakian drilled a three pointer at the buzzer, leading his Great Neck Wolfpack fifth graders to a victory this week versus Westbury.

• The Great Neck CYO fifth-grade all-star girls are entering the playoffs in first place with a 10-1 record.

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