Approve The Bond For Educational Success


The education of our children is paramount not just to their parents, but also to the future of our community and our nation. The current climate of uncertainty that pervades our country requires that we provide them with the intellectual tools and social skills necessary to navigate the challenges they will face as adults.

The proposed bond offers a chance for the entire school district to get optimal facilities so that our teachers and children can continue to learn and achieve great success. Some of the proposed changes include establishing a universal pre-K on the north side of town, reconfigured science labs in the high schools, an expanded auditorium/cafeteria for E.M. Baker Elementary School, classroom air conditioning in certain rooms, as well as basic needs from electrical upgrades to window, door and roof replacements. It should also ensure sufficient outside play space for children.

While the proposed bond amount will translate to a tax impact on all members of the community—including those currently without children attending school—its implications are applicable to each of us. Our children’s education is vital to ensuring that our nation will continue to produce the best and the brightest. That should and must concern everyone. I implore all my neighbors to understand the implications of providing the best possible educational environment for our children. The future of our community and our nation depends upon it.

Thank you.

Gabby Verkman

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