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I realize that I must be more specific in responding to the letter from the respected President of the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce, Hooshang Nematzadeh, that was printed last week. True, his function as president is an attempt to develop business areas in Great Neck, but this is only one function of his responsibilities. The second must be the community, and by this I mean the residents. He cannot lose sight that other villages in Great Neck have a desired way of life as well, and he must keep this thought in his advocating mind when suggesting recommendations of various projects.

Nematzadeh’s intimation that there was glee and joyfulness amongst the residents abiding at or near the Shop Delight application [site] is totally incorrect. More aptly, it was relief for a project that just didn’t fit the criteria for this large space. The village leaders of both Great Neck Estates and Kensington studied and recognized all of the pitfalls that this supermarket would present. After almost a year of requests from the Mayor of Great Neck Estates and his trustees, just on one issue alone, parking, was never addressed by the applicant. His quote was that the supermarket would require 125 to150 cars per hour. This parking lot accommodates approximately 200 cars. Perhaps 90 of them are monthly permit holders by either adjoining residents or commercial tenants and their clientele. You can do the numbers. He claims that the Planet Fitness parking problem has been avoided. This is quite far from the truth. Controlling the enormous traffic buildup on turns from Middle Neck Road, from and to the narrow entrance and exits, would be havoc. I’m not even mentioning the vehicles that constantly enter the wrong entrances.

There is also the problem of huge trailers and trucks making deliveries which cannot maneuver these entrances, and their only solution would be to double park on the already over-trafficked Middle Neck Road. This major artery, at this point, funnels into the heart of our village, and needless to say, would impact on the traffic and safety aspect, both to cars and pedestrians crossing.

This would as well drastically impact the Village of Kensington’s Beverly Road, which would turn into an alternate route to avoid the overcrowded Middle Neck Road. Try picturing this scenario. Just the traffic and parking alone would negate this absurd project. This is already a major issue that exists at Shop Delight’s present location, and regardless of how many summonses it is issued, for code violations of every type, if indeed they are issued, just charge it up as the cost of doing business.

Let Nematzadeh be present to witness a huge trailer attempting to make a delivery on that strip, and he will appreciate my comments. I can spend an inordinate amount of time writing on other code violations that this supermarket owner is guilty of, i.e.: fork lifts running back and forth on the sidewalk, using the storefront sidewalk as an outdoor market, and the filth of their garbage disposal which is exposed to rats, and vermin, to mention a few.

Most of these flagrant violations have over time been photographically documented, and I would welcome Nematzadeh the opportunity to view them himself. The truly basic conclusion is from an old saying, “You can never put five pounds of apples in a two pound bag.”

Kindly reconsider your support in this endeavor. It just doesn’t work for this type of operation. I feel confident that you will use sage judgment. The vast majority of these communities have expressed their sentiments in the same exact way.

Bruce Funk, President, Board
of Directors, Kenwood Gardens


  1. A woman was just killed on Welwyn Road in front of Shop Delight, by a van (delivery driver for shop delight? That’s what I was told) he was parked illegally by the crosswalk, backed up fast when he saw a legal spot open up, and knocked down, then ran over a local resident in reverse, and ran over her a second time going forward to park! I’m unsure of the details, and I moved out of town in January, 2016. But it seems that no one is interested in the hazardous driving conditions that exist because of the poor parking situation at this store. I’ve looked for any news report of this accident, which occurred on 9/15. My friend never regained consciousness and died on 9/16, ther has Ben no news report, no coverage of this accident. Supposedly there’s an ongoing police investigation. I think the village is partially responsible for allowing th bottleneck and jockeying for parking spaces that occurs in front of this store! It was hazardous a year ago and now someone is dead. I know there wer complaints lodged about this traffic situation long for I moved. What has nothing been done?

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