Another Term for Lincoln


I have lived in Great Neck for over 24 years. I was here when Robert Lincoln was first elected to the job of Park Commissioner in 2000 and watched him get reelected each new term thereafter. This election, he will be running for a fifth term, and we all want him to win.

Lincoln does a superb job and never disappoints us. He has been responsible for so many achievements in the Park District. If you want to be a successful commissioner, you have to work for everyone. That is what you get from Bob. He represents everyone in Great Neck, old and young.

Running the Park District is a huge job and very time consuming. I am not sure our residents even know what goes into it. There are board meetings usually every other week, work sessions every Tuesday morning, advisory committee meetings, and additional events and special meetings added all the time. Every decision that is being made must be well thought out and has long-term consequences. In addition, our commissioners are participating in many events where they represent us all and make sure our interests are protected at all times. It is a 24-hour job, no doubt.

We love our town and we are proud to live here. It is so important we have an experienced representative with leadership skills and an understanding of the issues at hand. Someone who cares about us, our interests and visions. That someone is Bob Lincoln.

These are some of the things I know about Bob Lincoln:

Bob grew up in Great Neck and has served as a volunteer in the Great Neck community his entire life. Being a member of the Vigilant Fire Company for 51 years was his greatest passion. When he retired after serving twice as chief of the department, he stayed on as a member of the Board of Trustees. Aside from being our commissioner, he is also a founding member of the Great Neck Historical Society and the Great Neck Student Aid Fund.

I have known Bob Lincoln for over 15 years. He is a good man and the right person for the job.

We all want someone we feel comfortable with, someone we trust to get our messages across and someone who is consistently making improvements to our neighborhoods. Bob always raises the bar and is always available and accessible to speak with.

Bob Lincoln should be reelected not only for his long list of qualifications, but to allow him to continue his ongoing fight to preserve local government and the Park District.

Many argue that their vote does not really count. Some say that they do not know enough about the issues and therefore they should not vote. Others still say that they do not know where or how to vote or how to register even. The truth is that every vote counts. One extra vote may decide the outcome of an election.

Please reelect Bob on Dec. 8 to continue and do what he does best.

Elona Weiner

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