An Amazon Entrepreneur

Great Neck resident Liran Hirschkorn has become one of Amazon’s most impressive sellers.

Great Neck resident Liran Hirschkorn has undergone the impressive transformation of working in financial services with a hobby for Internet marketing to becoming one of Amazon’s most impressive sellers.

After seeing an ad on Facebook for learning about ecommerce, Hirschkorn was able to pick up on the ins and outs of the online market before he decided to move his businesses to Amazon. Having trained and learned the technique for creating a successful online business, Hirschkorn now runs ecommerce training courses and records weekly podcasts on top of his already busy schedule running two companies, Emolly and Royal Decanters.

Onesie company Emolly, the first business Hirschkorn has run through Amazon, brings in a seven-figure paycheck each year.

The onesie company Emolly, the first business Hirschkorn has run through Amazon, has been indisputably successful. Bringing in a seven-figure paycheck each year, Emolly is a perfect model of what someone can accomplish in ecommerce.

“The company actually started while I was working on some other ecommerce businesses,” said Hirschkorn. “I had college students working with me and they told me how onesies are super popular for college kids to wear in their dorms. That gave me the idea to go ahead with this business, because I knew there was a target consumer waiting.”

To bring this idea to life, Hirschkorn outsourced the production to a company overseas, which is a tactic many online retailers use to maximize profits. Working with Amazon, he was able to deliver his products to the company’s warehouse, where they were shipped directly to customers.

Liran Hirschkorn’s second Amazon business, Royal Decanters, sells whiskey decanters.

According to Hirschkorn, figuring out and creating a product that will sell is not too difficult. When he started his second business on Amazon, selling whiskey decanters, he had minimal knowledge about the product. By knowing the Amazon market and understanding the strategy to finding what products to sell, Hirschkorn was able to put his own creative twist on an already adequate market and create another successful business. Patenting his unique design, he was able to close in on this market by having a product no one else could recreate.

Being able to navigate and under­stand Amazon’s platform is key to having monetary success on the website. Hirschkorn emphasized the importance of educating yourself in ecommerce to succeed and grow in the business.

“Amazon provides so much data and it’s really up to you as a seller to take advantage of it and use it to your benefit,” explained Hirschkorn. “You can see reviews directly from customers, what products are already out there, and what’s doing well. Doing research is vital to figuring out the market and making your business successful.”

While providing its retailers with an abundance of information and opportunity to advance their businesses, Amazon has created a market people can browse through in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, Amazon has become one of the world’s largest companies and is on its way to becoming the second trillion-dollar company.

Unsurprisingly, the online retailer’s primary concern lies with its customers, and its rules and regulations revolve around the customer.

The cons are few when selling on Amazon, however, and in Hirschkorn’s experience the company’s rules and the Amazon competitors are a small price to pay for the potential millions of people who view and buy your products.

Working through such a large company that captures a huge portion of online sales, Hirschkorn was able to transform his ideas into a career with benefits that are unheard of in other areas of retail. With this unconventional job, every day looks different. Having the ability to work from home, Hirschkorn is able to spend time with his family and prioritize his daily tasks to suit his lifestyle.

With a seemingly bountiful future market, online sellers have a rewarding career path in which creativity and knowledge of the business is key. People like Hirschkorn, who have a head start in what looks like the future of retail, are able to be their own boss, work their own schedule and are unlimited in the ability to advance in their career. With this perfect example on the peninsula, the future of online retail looks unquestionably bright.


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