Always There: A Poem For Mother’s Day


You are always there for me,

A shoulder to cry on,

A warm hearth in the middle of a winter night.

When I had no language to describe my feelings,

I kept them bottled up inside me,

You lent me your words.

When I fell again and again,

I had tears in my eyes,

You lent me your hand.

When I had doubts about myself,

I felt like quitting,

You turned my frown into a smile.

When I was too afraid to lose sight of the shore,

I did not want to take a risk,

You taught me how to sail.

When I felt destroyed,

I hardened my heart,

You showed me another way.

You told me to open out, not to close up,

You taught me to work for a cause, not for applause.

You showed me I should live life to express, not to impress.

You have a voice for me when I am voiceless.

You hold my heart together when it is falling apart.

You tolerate my worst and bring out my best.

I no longer hold your hand,

I spend more time with my friends,

But when I need help you always have my back.

Friends are like rain; they come and go, and nourish me,

But you are my sky,

I may not always look up but I know you are always right there.

I love you more than a bird loves the morning sun,

You are the light seeping through the darkest clouds,

I love you more than you realize.

Joy Wei is a fifth grader at Saddle Rock Elementary School, who enjoys writing and drawing.

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