All Smoking Banned By Schools


smokingAll smoking has been banned at the Great Neck Public Schools. At the last April 2014 Board of Education meeting, a newly-revised policy, the Policy On Smoking and the Use of Tobacco Products, was adopted. This replaces the old Policy On Smoking By Adults and now includes the prohibition on smoking and tobacco use by all individuals anywhere on school district property. At the same time, the old Policy On Smoking By Students was deleted.

Board Trustee Susan Healy, chair of the school board’s policy committee, has explained that the new, single policy is part of the school district’s “ongoing effort to create a healthful school environment.” She said that this proposed revision is in compliance with state and federal laws. Healy noted that the new policy will also be in compliance with the school district’s Code of Conduct: Prohibited Student Conduct, where the school district prohibits smoking and all other tobacco use in all of the school district buildings, on district property, in any district vehicle and at any district sponsored function or activity.

As well, the new policy would include the prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes. And the policy would prohibit the use of any other products containing nicotine, except for current FDA-approved smoking cessation products.

The policy proposal and the policy deletion were introduced at the Board of Education’s March 10 public action meeting and came for a second hearing at the March 31 meeting. The final policy adoption and deletion were approved at the April 24 public hearing.

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