All-County Musicians Honored


Twenty-five student musicians in the Great Neck Public Schools excelled at the All-County Music Festival held at the Tilles Center. Students earned positions of recognition after being tested for proficiency at rehearsals just prior to their concerts. At All-County, students are grouped in divisions by grade: Division V—grades 11 and 12; Division IV—grades 9 and 10; Division III—grades 7 and 8; Division II—grade 6; and Division I—grade 5.

Positions of recognition by school:

North High Honorees

Division IV—Matthew Han, assistant principal trumpet, orchestra; and Joshua Rothbaum, assistant principal clarinet, orchestra. These students are taught by Joseph Rutkowski, instrumental director.

South High Honorees

Division V—Maximilian (Max) Manicone, principal guitar, jazz band; Robin Shum, principal oboe, orchestra; and Michelle Xing, principal bassoon, band.

Division IV—Kaitlyn Cheng, assistant principal flute, band; Ryan Cheng, principal bass clarinet, band; Brian Cho, assistant principal baritone saxophone, band; Rachel Kim, principal flute, orchestra; Seo Hyun (Alisa) Lee, assistant principal flute, orchestra; Noah Sheidlower, principal trumpet, orchestra; and Eric Yang, principal clarinet, orchestra.

These students are taught by Michael Schwartz, performing arts department head/instrumental music teacher.

North Middle Honoree

Division III—Brandon Lin, assistant principal viola, orchestra. Brandon is taught by Matthew Trinkwald, music department head.

South Middle Honorees

Division III—Thomas Chang, principal trumpet, band; Christiana Claus, principal flute, band; Michelle Foo, co-principal oboe, orchestra; Eli Goldberger, co-principal clarinet, orchestra; Jin Won (Eric) Kim, co-principal oboe, orchestra; Jason Li, assistant principal French horn, band; Benjamin Rossen, principal French horn, band; Ann Zhang, principal viola, orchestra; and Michael Lu Zhang, co-principal clarinet, orchestra.

Division II—Sophia Wotman, principal trumpet, jazz band.

South Middle instrumental students are taught by Alan Schwartz, music department head.

Baker School Elementary Honorees

Division I—Jillian Chang, assistant principal cello, orchestra; and Dana Kagan, principal clarinet, band. Their teacher is Anne Fogarty, instrument music.

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