Agenda Items Discussed At Library Meeting

The Great Neck Library Board of Trustees holds a regularly scheduled public meeting.

An executive session was called for the purpose of discussing “personnel matters” prior to the Great Neck Library Board of Trustees public meeting on Feb. 26.

The public meeting was called to order by President Rebecca Miller. Steven Kashkin, the business manager, made his report. Trustee Mimi Hu, who is the board’s assistant treasurer, reported that the budget had been approved. Payroll changes were approved, as well.

In new business, the composition of the Director’s Search Committee was decided. In addition to staff members and three trustees, two residents will be selected.

The board was seeking to approve budget transfers, but this motion was tabled to be addressed later in the year.

A motion to approve the purchase of recyclable tote bags was approved. Community member Marietta DiCamillo said she was very happy with the idea because it “served the purpose of being both green and advertising the Great Neck Library.”

President Rebecca Miller and Vice President Weihua Yan review agenda items at the meeting.

The motion to proceed with an RFP for a project manager/owner’s representative for the Station Branch renovations was tabled. Other options were discussed, including using an architect for this purpose. This issue will be brought up at the next meeting of the board’s Branch Committee.

During the meeting’s open time, the renovations of Parkville and Station were discussed. The public had concerns that the expenses were too high and that the premises were not that old.

Several residents expressed concern about the lack of retention in the director’s position. Current Director Denise Corcoran is very well liked and respected, and many people wish that she would stay.

A program put in place by Corcoran that provides help for people who find technology challenging was discussed.

The counsel advised that all outreach to board members should go through the director’s office.

One resident expressed disappointment that the program Girls Who Code was being held on Fridays from 4 to 6 p.m., since she felt this was excluding the Jewish population. The director said she would try to address the issue, but sometimes it is just a matter of when the teacher is available for a program.

The meeting was adjourned with more praises for Corcoran.


  1. only if/when the trustees could stop micromanaging the director with so many committees and checklists like in the past…let him/her do the job the person was hired to do. even at $155K, GNL couldn’t keep her from going back to Queensborough for less. i feel that’s a strong message that something was REALLY wrong with the previous administration. although 3/15 is her last day, i already miss Director Corcoran…

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