A Response To “Vote No” By Wendy Roth


As a former employee of the Great Neck Public Schools, I would like to address two concerns raised in Ms. Roth’s letter. She made several other misstatements, but two particularly caught my attention.

Ms. Cohen, as a resident of the United States, protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution, has every right to advocate for the bond and the school budget. Ms. Roth has the constitutional right to advocate against them. “School employees” as individuals can “advocate their favored positions.” It is not “unethical” or “illegal” for them to express their opinions.

I am also surprised that Ms. Roth launched an ad hominem attack against Ms. Cohen. She referred to her as Martha (Kindergarten) Cohen four times. Why?

Ms. Roth has made a number of misstatements about the district’s ranking, taxes, teachers’ union and property values.

Arlette Sanders
Retired Assistant Superintendent 
of Great Neck Public Schools

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