A Poem Saluting GN North High


Graduating Great Neck North High School

By Chloe Cristian

As freshmen we could barely have known,

The many things that were expected,

We juggled between opportunity and chance

Between accepted and rejected.

As sophomores, we grew a little more

In height, character and surety

We experimented in different ways

We exchanged our insecurities for maturity.

As juniors, we suffered through challenges,

Faced a destiny of stress and tenacity,

Our futures seemed to be approaching too soon,

As we struggled to reach our capacity.

As seniors, we succeeded to the pinnacle,

Growing confidence with who we became,

Ready to unite as a grade and a unit

Ready to believe in our class name.

And now senior year draws to a close

And now friendships seem forever,

And yes, the future looks so promising,

As we all embark on our own endeavor.

We appreciated every moment this year,

We fell in love with each “last” time,

Yet as we leave this building and past,

I’m proud to say we have yet to reach our prime.

Great Neck’s bubble is about to pop,

Bursting through all of its seams,

Our lives are growing in all directions,

And we give faith to our wildest dreams.

We will continue to love and grow,

Rooted by the values of Great Neck North,

We will look back fondly on our friends and moments,

And pray our blissful happiness continues forth.

And now the clock ticks its last moments,

And I’m not sure if time went too fast,

But one thing we know is that a fantastic future

Is built on respect and endearment for the past.

As moments fade and memories are made,

We’ll cherish the highs and the lows,

Congratulations to the Class of 2015

‘Cause at least we stole the show.

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