A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Calories


From cookie-dough covered cupcakes to Nutella-coated ice cream, the Instagram posts at @FOOOODIEEE are sure to leave followers with cravings. As social media plays a more dominant role in our lives, we turn to our feeds for much of our information, even food recommendations.

Most of us can admit that many of the pictures weaved through the endless Instagram stream of friends and family are mouthwatering delicacies. Of all the food accounts saturating social media, one of the most popular is @FOOOODIEEE, which currently has close to 500,000 followers. The face behind it, the foodie herself, is 2010 South High alumna Tessa Gluck.

Gluck started the account in August 2014 when she ate an exciting donut ice cream sandwich. She realized that she wanted others to have the same drool-worthy moments through the photos she had taken. The rest is history.

The account’s first milestone was being featured as one of the top-15 food Instagrams to follow in Cosmopolitan.

Though the account was created three years ago, Gluck said, “I have always had a love for food photography. Not only does food look great in person, but it looks even better in a photo.”

In addition to the constant flow of free food and packages she receives as a result of her account’s success, Gluck was invited to Vermont to visit the Ben and Jerry’s headquarters.
While in Vermont, Gluck tasted all the different ice cream flavors and had a lakeside dinner
with Ben himself.

She realized her account was much more than a hobby when she was approached by a major media company to collaborate with a known brand. While Gluck is currently an advertising operations manager at a new company in New York City, she hopes to keep expanding her account and eventually run it full time.

@FOOOODIEEE posts content of all different types of food. From oozing cheese to melting chocolate, the variety is endless and keeps followers constantly coming back for more. Some of Gluck’s favorite restaurants are Parm on the Upper West Side for Italian and Tao for Pan-Asian food.

Visit her website, www.foooodieee.com, and follow @FOOOODIEEE on Instagram for an endless look at delectable treats. You will definitely not be disappointed. But, be careful, a picture is worth a thousand calories.

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