A Letter Of Appreciation


This is a letter of appreciation to the people of Great Neck. From May 2 to 9, the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)–Lakeville Section had a Read to Learn book drive. It was a total success! We collected more than 1,000 books.

There are many people and groups to thank, so here goes: Thanks to Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Instruction Kelly Newman, who allowed all the elementary school children to collect books; to all the principals of those schools, including Parkville Pre-K and K, who encouraged their students to cooperate; to the Great Neck Library that donated five boxes of books; to the clergy and mayors, who informed their congregations and residents about donating books; to the students of North and South High, who collected all the books and brought them to our store at 43 S. Middle Neck Rd.; to Mayor Jean Celender, who called and was able to get a landlord to give us a store; and to Mr. Khalili, who gave us the store to use; as well as to Rabbi Widom of Temple Emanuel, who had delivered two bridge tables and eight chairs for our comfort; and lastly, to members of NCJW, Roberta Mallman, Sylvia Fassler and my cochair, Sandy Kendall, who sorted, labeled and stayed in the store to receive books. My deepest thanks for a great endeavor.

Now we need to distribute the books to children for whom a book is a luxury. If you are a daycare center, nursery school, hospital, clinic, psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, social worker or anyone who wants books for children, call 516-487-1199 to arrange to pick up the books. I’ll say it again, Great Neck is great!

Miriam Chatinover

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