A Fond Farewell To Our Friend Tom Baade


After 30 years of arduous service, Tom Baade has retired from Anton Media Group. Tom’s name did not appear on bylines or on the masthead. But he was the unquestioned Most Valuable Employee at Anton. Tom served as Information Technology manager. If you had a problem here at Anton, all eyes turned in one direction. In fact, the most commonly heard announcement on our in-house loudspeaker was “Tom Baade, please call the operator.”

Tom was the most knowledgeable man in the building. He was funny, smart, polite, always the gentlemen. He was a born and bred Long Islander, a true patriot to the place he called home. We are glad that Long Island can still produce such men. Tom’s patience with his fellow employees was legendary and is not likely to be seen again. We ask our readers to join us in bidding him a fond farewell.

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