An Update From The Village Of Great Neck Plaza


Deputy Mayor Ted Rosen of the Village of Great Neck Plaza announced that the Village will be sponsoring a Zoom video/teleconference on Thursday, Aug. 20,  at 3 p.m. for village businesses. Rosen explained “helping the Village’s businesses during these difficult times is a top priority for our village.  Our village businesses are vital.  The Village has been actively working with local businesspeople to make sure that they understand applicable COVID-19 regulations and to make their businesses as safe, welcoming and inviting as possible.”

Richard Belziti, the Superintendent of the Village’s Building Department, has been actively working with local businesses over the last several months.  Belziti explained:

“As far as the businesses during the pandemic our main function in Phase 1 was keeping the essential businesses safe and going around to those essential businesses and seeing what they needed and providing information on how to operate safely and legally. We also made sure their social distancing postings were in place and if not we had them post the notices. In Phase 2 the Village allowed, with permits, sidewalk restaurant seating and we determined how many parking spaces the Village would make ‘No Parking’ in front of each food establishment to create walkways for pedestrians in those spaces. We then barricaded and coned those walkways and put our planters into the streets to support the barricades and also for the look. We then planted in the planters and we are looking to repaint our planters in the near future. We provided the food establishments with signage that they posted indicating what to do if a pedestrian needs assistance and we provided handicap ramps to all the food establishments and we set up their outdoor seating at the 6 foot distance which the business owners were present to see and repeat the setup in the future. We encouraged the food establishments to put umbrellas and some plantings and a lot of them did. We contacted the closed businesses to encourage them to make use of the sidewalk space and we find more and more food establishments utilizing and taking advantage of the space. We broke down the barricades the day of the storm last week and had them all put back by the next morning when the storm ended. In Phase 2, we also visited the retail businesses just to make sure all was ok and letting them know to call with any questions.”

Belziti expressed his gratitude to the Village’s Business Improvement District, which has been working tirelessly under the direction of its Executive Director, Ron Edelson, to make sure that local businesses have PPE equipment for their employees, and to encourage them to take advantage of available outdoor space and participate in special events such as an upcoming outdoor movie night scheduled for August 13th and special promotions including a planned coupon promotion program.  Rosen and two other Village trustees serve on the Board of the BID.

The scheduled Zoom conference will feature a number of speakers including Superintendent Belziti, a representative from the United States Small Business Administration and a representative from New York State Empire State Development.

Rosen explained: “It is critical that our local businesses take full advantage of relief programs available to small businesses.  The Village will serve as a conduit between federal, state and county agencies and local businesses to help our village busineses participate in these programs.”

Assisting Rosen in the preparation of the scheduled August 20th Zoom conference are Village trustee Pam Marksheid and Michael DeLuccia, Chairman of the Village’s Zoning Board of Appeals.  Marksheid and Deluccia are presidents of their respective coops, both of which are located in close proximity to the village’s downtown area.

Additional information about the August 20th Zoom conference can be obtained by contacting Deputy Mayor Rosen ( or at (516) 487-6988).

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