Lakeville Celebrates The World

Japan was one of the countries celebrated by Lakeville students. (Photo by Jeff Barlowe)
Japan was one of the countries celebrated by Lakeville students. (Photo by Jeff Barlowe)

Lakeville School celebrated the world—specifically America and Native Americans, Brazil, Japan, Kenya and Spain—through two days of special school events.

Each grade was assigned a country to study over several months to expose students to various countries and, where possible, to the country that was part of that grade’s social studies curriculum.

Students learned about the country’s socioeconomics, food, culture, customs, holidays and more. First graders studied Japan; second graders, Kenya; third graders, America (Native Americans); fourth graders, Spain; and fifth graders, Brazil.

The celebration culminated with a fair in the school’s general purpose room, where each country’s art, artifacts, foods and more were displayed on and around tables. Classroom and art teachers along with parents assisted students with the exciting activity.

The following day, the entire school filled the gymnasium, where students wore or carried handmade accessories native to the county studied by their grade and performed a song specific to their country. A video was shown of students performing a dance native to their studied country.

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