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Local Mail Carriers Unsung Heroes

On Saturday, Jan. 24, everyone had to deal with a long and difficult record snow of over 24 inches that did not end until midnight. I was out all day long shoveling both Saturday and Sunday. Our local villages, Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County were still struggling to clear the roads on Monday. How pleasant to see that Roland, our favorite mailman serving the Lakeville community (adjacent to Lakeville Elementary school by the Great Neck/Little Neck city line), was able to deliver our mail on Monday, which meant a heavier load with Saturday’s mail, walking around or climbing over all the piles of snow.

Recently retired, I have come to enjoy not only our excellent local library system, but receipt of our six-day-per-week mail. Every morning on my way to the Lakeville Library, I usually run into Roland. We exchange our usual morning greetings, and sometimes in the afternoon when taking my second walk around the neighborhood, I may run into him again.

A day without Roland or our mail is a day without sunshine! Roland is considered the honorary Mayor of Lakeville. I can fully appreciate the lifeline and connection between senior citizens, retirees and your local mailman. Hats off to Roland and all the other brave mail carriers who still made their appointed rounds last Monday, despite many homes with limited shoveled paths. Ditto for trying to find a spot to park your mail truck. You are all true unsung heroes!

Larry Penner

Remove The Snow

The storm is past, but the snow is still with us. Although most of our streets were plowed promptly, the resulting mounds of snow continue to restrict the flow of traffic, greatly diminish street parking and have cut the capacity of our parking lots in half. Plowing is only step one. We need the villages and town to remove the mountains of snow, by either hauling them away or by using melting machines. To do less is to abnegate the responsibility of government to its citizens.

Remove the snow. That’s why we pay taxes!

David Golbert

Wheelchair Access In Winter

LTRTerry_020316.AI thought I should bring this to the Chamber of Commerce’s attention. My mom is 90 years old and in a wheelchair. Basically trapped in the house during the winter, we jump at the opportunity to take a walk on a temperate day. We knew that the snow might present obstacles, but never expected that the snow plowers would clean the sidewalk and pile the snow right in front of a wheelchair ramp crossing. Trapped again, only outdoors. On both corners of Grace and Bond Street and Grace and Middle Neck, the ramps are blocked with piles of plowed snow with clear sidewalk curbs on either side. The Great Neck Sanitation community should know that getting the job done means getting it done in a thoughtful and responsible manner, and that means being careful where they dump the snow. Going out of their way to make sure all the ramps were cleaned up would go a long way to those people out there stuck traveling in wheelchairs.

Terry MakoverLTRTerry_020316.B

Making A Difference

Sometimes children are smarter than adults. Recently, I saw a news story about Braeden Mannering, a 12-year-old boy who lives in Delaware. He saw people standing by the side of the road holding up signs saying that they needed food and shelter. It made Braeden sad to see that.

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Reflecting On Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reflecting upon Dr. King and his impact on my life, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the radio special bulletin revealed that Dr. King had been shot. [Read more…]

Please Shovel The Snow

When there are snowstorms, I realize that Great Neck and Manhasset are the only places where no one shovels around their property. Last year, we had such terrible snowstorms and many people slipped on the ground and fell. This occurred because no one shoveled out the snow from their property. Our first season of snow this year is a lot worse than last year and it should be a rule that each and every single property must shovel out the snow and try to be a good Samaritan. Last year, most people who fell were injured really badly and people who tried to help the injured person told them to sue or the property that wasn’t shoveled got a ticket. It can become quite serious if no one cleans the snow off their property. This is really important for everyone to be aware of.

The bus stop at the train station, where people wait for the bus, is never shoveled properly. Such an area is a must to be shoveled because a bunch of people wait out there and they can fall on the ground. Nothing is ever done as properly as it should be in Great Neck. It’s a very quiet town. People are rarely around at night. When it’s stormy, it’s left as is. Once it gets dark, the town gets really quiet. Great Neck is a nice place, but doesn’t get enough care.


With Friends Like These…

By Ruth A. Cohen

On Dec. 8, the House of Representatives, in rare bipartisanship, passed by a margin of 407-19 H.R.158, the Visa Waiver Improvement Act of 2015. The Visa Waiver program allows citizens from 38 countries to visit the U.S. for 90 days without first applying for non-immigrant visas. H.R.158 amends the program so that citizens of Visa Waiver countries will be required to apply overseas for visas if they have recently been to Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan.

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Rearing or Rear-Ending Our Kids?

Thanks for your cogent discussion of how we are rearing (rear-ending?) our kids without regard to what is most important to their future lives as adults in a global world in “At What Cost?” in the Jan. 13–19 issue of the Great Neck Record. Lord deliver us from becoming more of a “rat-race” population!

Great Neck Social Center

Thank You From En-Toto Couture

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish all our customers and future customers a happy and healthy new year. To everyone who has been through the never-ending renovations with us this year (and yes, they’re still going on), we thank you. To all our future customers, we look forward to being a part of your next affair. Mention the Great Neck Record and receive a 10 percent discount. To everyone who’s reading this wonderful newspaper, we wish you a healthy, safe and peaceful 2016.

Michael Strows and staff at En-Toto Couture

Helping Others

In reference to your recent article by Danielle Bitts, “Get INNvolved This Holiday Season,” I would like to add a reflection based on my experience as an INN volunteer for the past 13 years. When I hand a plate of hot, nutritious food to a hungry man, woman or child at The INN soup kitchen, I know for sure that the greatest joy in life comes from helping others.

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